Dr Klown

Klown Doctors bring comic relief to hospitalised children in Mater Dei, by visiting Every Child, Every Week."

When Klown Doctors enter the hospital wards, it is almost impossible for anyone to keep a straight face on. If not laughter then it’s a smile, and if not a smile then it’s a sparkle in the eyes or even a slight nod or gesture. Whatever it is, these are all special moments that Klown Doctors get to share with sick children, their families and even the staff at Mater Dei Hospital. Everyone deserves a moment of fantasy during which we can forget the severities of life and enjoy the beauty of humour; and Klown Doctors make sure to make this happen by being the Klowns they really are!



Dr. Klown
P.O. Box 79
Marsa MRS1000
General Enquiries: info@drklown.org 
Maurice Sleypen - President: president@drklown.org
Christine Sleypen - Vice President: vicepresident@drklown.org