Lumiere Support Group

The Lumiere Support Group supports adult patients suffering from malignant haematology disorders also known as cancers found in the blood such as leukaemia and lymphoma.

During such challenging times, psychological and social support to all the patients and their immediate family is as important as any other supportive treatment. It is our goal, as the Lumiere Support Group, to make sure that this support is provided to all our patients and their families.

The group’s main focus at the moment is to donate mouthwashes to improve oral care and also to sponsor laxatives to prevent constipation; both are a common side effect of chemotherapy. We have also introduced holistic massage therapies to those who wish. In the future we plan to offer regular psychological care to all of our patients and also introduce holistic measures to help ease pain and reduce stress. We are a committee which promise a helping hand, always. Throughout the previous years, using a grant from Istrina, ambulatory infusion pumps were purchased. These allow patients to take their treatment at home and thus reduces the necessity of long hospital stays.


Tel: +356 25 452 330 / 1
Facebook: LumiereSupportGroup